Music playback quality on the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus

One of our biggest concerns in choosing a new phone is music playback quality. And by music playback quality I mean not only measurements, but also how easy it is to manage music and playback. It can certainly take away from the total enjoyment of listening if you are doing so on a device that is crippled by being difficult to adjust the volume or track. or to load music or playlists onto in the first place.

I suppose everyone in the world knows about the new iPhones, and we are particularly interested in the 6 Plus as a personal music player. Recently we were able to spend some time with it and use it as a PMP for a while and before disclosing our opinions we thought we might link up a couple of reviews that covered sound quality:

Archimago’s Unloaded iPhone Measurements:

Anandtechs Review Using a Audio Precision Analyzer:

GSMArena Sound Quality Analysis: